In a country of confusion, at last, a straightforward and reasonable rental system!

�@Japan has a very unique rental system, which includes such hassles as guarantors, costly deposits, and non-refundable gift money. Renting a house in Japan is in fact not only torturous for foreigners, but for Japanese citizens as well. Not to mention the added obstacle foreign renters face because of the fact that most real estate agents do not welcome foreign tenants.
�@ To make the search for an apartment a little easier on foreigners. J&F Networks has developed a network of realty agents who welcome non-Japanese clients. We hope that the following information will lead you on your way to finding the right home for you.

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Regular Apartments
Rent relatively expensive compared
to that of regular apartments
relatively inexpensive compared
to that of Furnished Apartments
(key money)
not necessary 1 or 2 month(s) rent
10,000 yen to 1month's rent 1 or 2 month(s) rent
not necessary 1 month rent
Renewal Fee
not necessary half month - 1month
not necessary ( emergency contact person may be required) Japanese guarantor required
Term of the
1 month minimum (some apartments accept shorter term stays; daily/weekly) 2 year contract
Furniture mostly furnished unfurnished
Note If you are looking for a relatively a temporary apartment (one year or less), you may want to consider renting a FURNISHED APARTMENT, rather than a regular unfurnished one. Regular apartments are inexpensive for long-term tenants who are planning on staying for several years, but they are surprisingly costly at the start of the contract period.

*Click HERE to find out more about "regular apartments" at J&F Networks
finding the best apartment for you

    1. Go back to the top page, and locate the map of Japan on the left. Click on the name of the area you would like to contact a realtor in.
    2. Choose a real estate agent serving in the city or local area you are interested in.
      (NOTE) Not all the agents can speak English, or other foreign languages.

    What each symbol represents
    payment in cash
    payment in credit
    card acceptable
    bank transfer
    internet connection air conditioning fridge
    gas stove electric stove laundry
    TV BS CS
    Cable TV DVD Player VCR
    (Japanese style-beddibg)
    Bed Shower room with
    Separate shower and
    DELIVERY BOX (Package storage) Elevator
    Automatic-lock system Reception Wooden flooring
    Carpet Tatami flooring Shared bath
    Coin shower Free shower Laundry

  1. You will see an application/inquiry form at the very bottom of each page. Fill in all the necessary information and click 'submit'. Once you receive a reply from the agent, you can make an appointment to go see the apartment. If you cannot speak Japanese, we recommend that you print out the Glossary page, and bring it with you.

  2. If you are not familiar with the Japanese rental system, it may also be a good idea to read over the "Rental Guide" and "Resident's Manual" on this site.

    All apartments registered on our website are offered by private agents.
    (Please do not contact the webmaster about apartments)


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