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What is a "furnished apartment"?
"Furnished" apartments are designed for short and middle term stay visitors
The major reasons why non-Japanese have difficulties looking for a regular apartment is because not many realty agents can speak languages other than Japanese. Not only that, a tenant must find a guarantor and also pay agent fee & key money to the house owner which is non-refundable.

<<Requirements for Japanese standard apartments (mostly furnished)>>
*Rent + deposit + key money + agent fee payment in advance (some districts in Japan don't require key money)
*2-year contract [Necessary to pay additional rent (1 month) when extending the lease]
*Must have a guarantor who is capable to cover your liabilities (some companies offer you a proxy guarantor service)
*Hand in a copy of your passport and alien registration card (your visa must be valid)
*Deposit is not fully refundable (Cleaning fee and other recovery fees may be deducted)
*Your history and identification will be inspected before you sign the contract.The Japanese rental process is most definitely a lot of work. (usually takes about a week).A little bit too much, don't you think?

What Regular Guesthouses Provide

For travelers who are looking for accommodations other than a standard hotel in Japan the difficulties involved can be frustrating and expensive. For instance: the average real estate company and landlord will not accept non-Japanese tenants and most standard apartments require non-refundable, up-front fees that are equivalent to 6 months worth of rent. Our company can help visitors bypass these obstacles and find a comfortable and affordable apartment in Japan.

<<What regular guesthouses provide and request>>
*No key-money, agent fee, guarantor, extension fee required.
*Refundable deposit (from 10,000yen to 30,000yen)
*Inexpensive rent
*Most of the utilities (gas, water, electricity and internet) included in the rent.
*Both short and long-term stay welcomed (some can accept one-night stay)
*Kitchen, shower, and living room shared with other tenants.(some have coin showers)
*Well furnished with bed, air conditioning etc.

Rent system varies from company to company

The major reasons why non-Japanese have difficulties finding an apartment in Japan

*Not many realty agents can speak languages other than Japanese.
*It is extremely difficult for non-Japanese to find a guarantor. (A guarantor must be a Japanese person, currently living in Japan,
who is capable of covering the cost for the tenant's liabilities.)
*Due to cultural and language barriers, not many landowners are willing to offer their property to foreigners




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